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East Olivia is a female-founded creative agency based in NYC. Deeply rooted in the belief that accessibility to ephemeral beauty is a fundamental right for all, we seek to create more beauty in the world for everyone. From our large-scale floral installations to our original Forever Floral arrangements, we are innovating the floral industry one bud at a time.

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East Olivia is an inventive, women-fueled creative agency, deeply rooted in the belief that accessibility to beauty elicits authentic connection to ourselves, each other and the world around us. Established in (and continually inspired by) New York City, the EO team specializes in sharing beauty with you through our designer fresh and forever florals, creative production and event styling in the U.S. and abroad.


Our small but mighty team is focused around one simple idea: ‘people over everything’. Building authentic connections with our clients is only possible through our talented team of creatives. Founded by Kelsea Olivia in 2016, East Olivia has long been a crew of experienced artists that make the unimagined a reality. Through every unpredicted change in our small business (and the world around us!), we have found resiliency in each other and in the very beauty we create.

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At EO, we believe that everything we create is an opportunity to share who we are and what we believe in. A love for people, an innate sense of community and a commitment to the environment drive our work and define our impact. From our large-scale installations to our Forever Floral arrangements, we are continually working towards equity, sustainability and unity.


Kelsea Olivia

A visual storyteller with a passion for genuine connection, Kelsea Olivia, is a NYC-based, California-born, wild-hearted entrepreneur. Motivated by her lifelong dream to create beauty in the world, Kelsea and her women-led boutique creative agency, East Olivia, harness their talents to conceive, design and build one-of-a-kind floral works.


Through ephemeral beauty in blooms, Kelsea fosters an intimate bond between the viewer and the work, creating tangible experiences for clients. Under Kelsea's leadership, East Olivia executes impactful works of art and advertising that once viewed are not easily forgotten.


Kelsea’s foundation of empowerment, self-connection and collaborative growth defines the atmosphere of ease and beauty that is evident in all EO creates. You can often find her before sunrise, in the local flower market with her beloved French Bulldog, Henri. There, she will select fresh blooms for a bespoke floral arrangement inspired by someone that has positively influenced her or perhaps for a backyard tablescape enjoyed by friends and family come sunset.

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